Bug follow up to Dev questions #1

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Bug follow up to Dev questions #1

Postby sithrules » 11 March 2016, 16:53

Me: Deployment error. I get to the ship deployment screen and none of my ships are shown in the top left screen area even though they were selected in the fleet makeup screen prior. After waiting a bit, the opponent clicked ready and then i did with no ships to deploy and it logged the game as immediate loss. Fortunately no crashing or anything and was taken back to main fleet screen.

Devs: We never noticed this bug. Can you give us more information like: Game Type, Role (Attacker / Defender), Size (Number of fleet points available)...

Me Answering: The game if i remember correctly was a standard cruiser bash (don't remember if attacker or defender), 250 points. I had 1 dauntless light cruiser (lvl 1) and i think 2-3 escorts. Camera angle was at an angle to the map at start, but where the ships were at the top left of screen there were none, just a small green bar at the top that could be clicked (i did click it, nothing happened). Since I could not do anything, the time ticked down to zero and it made immediate loss determination and I went to fleet screen.

Will keep an eye out if this happens again, get screenshot of it and post it as a follow up.

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