Interface resolution problem and abnormal zoom, and others suggestion.

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Interface resolution problem and abnormal zoom, and others suggestion.

Postby Matraque » 11 March 2016, 10:59

hi, i play on a 21:9 setup and the interface are totally stretched (16:9 interface stretched in 21:9). Just the interface.

a few years ago I could tolerate this kind of problems.
But now the 21: 9 displays are fairly common and I find it abnormal that they are not properly supported, now 95% of the games support them properly.
So why not this one?
If the problem is not resolved at the exit I ask a refund on steam, because I'm sick that something so basic is not implanted, now when a game does not properly support my resolution (that is very rare), I done paid me and that's it.

And this is not all. When you are in 21:9 the camera is much too zoomed ! Making the game implayable !

16:9, normal zoom, perfect interface: Image

21:9, unplayable zoom + Interface totally streteched :


So, i have only one question, I like to know if this will be fixed in the release of the game ? Or i refund now ?

Also, the skills in battle need the Shortcuts on them and the skill effect showed on the ship weapons.
Like +3000 units range for macro-cannon's, i can't see the effect nowhere.


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