Compilation of my bugs, crashes, errors and suggestions

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Compilation of my bugs, crashes, errors and suggestions

Postby Oumi » 11 March 2016, 00:29

I am compiling a list of bugs, crashes, possible errors and suggestions in this thread.

Details about my system: i7-4770 @ 3.4Ghz, 8GB RAM, GTX 770 6GB - Running at 1920 x 1080 with predefined Epic settings + Fullscreen (not windowed.)

I have used the symbol (?) for either unknown information due to it being missing, or if I am unsure if something is intended or not, e.g. spellings of words. Hey, it's Warhammer, things can sometimes have funky names, right?

*First time the game ran, it was in windowed mode rather than full screen - is this meant to be the default?
*Bindings list was by default in French(?) with group select keys all assigned to foreign letters / symbols (rather than 1,2,3, etc) - Had to manually reassign.
*Under 'Ship controls' - Default bind F2 (Switching the engagement position ...) cannot be read fully as details obscured. Like when a text box isn't big enough on Word and you can't see whats been typed.
*Spelling error(?) with the ship used in first Prologue mission. Name is 'The Choosen of Savaven' which should be 'Chosen?'
*Keybinds are not displayed on any ability tool tips or on the HUD icons in game (like in Starcraft 2). Massive QoL issue here.
*No keybind present to focus on a selected ship (like in the Homeworld games.) Can only double-click ships to do this. Again, big QoL issue.
*When pressing G for a boarding party (according to the default binds list), nothing happens. Instead, H is required to be pressed which again according to the binds page is bound to Lightning Strike. Appears to be a naming issue in the binds list.
*Game crashed to desktop with 'Fatal Error!' during the cinematic after Spire's initiation (during his conversation about being promoted to Admiral.)
*Enemy ships sometimes drop selection when trying to define which sub-section to target. Had to select the same vessel 10+ time before the selection would 'stick' and allow me to pick a target.

*Are you meant to be able to issue commands during an unskippable ingame cutscene? In the prologue, was able to press keybind for emergency jump during the blurb about the Chaos fleet and Port Maw, thus removing any kind of jeopardy of 'Will we make it!?' as the jump completed just after the audio was done.

Suggestion: Remove all the text stating 'Selecting the' for control groups, 'Setting the' for engagement distances and 'Switching the' for engagement position...(?).
Suggestion: Remove the word 'Using' from pretty much all of the 'Skills' keybinds tab in Settings.
Suggestion: Nothing is stated in the options about setting control groups, only selecting them. Include a simple one liner such as 'Assign control group --- Ctrl + No 1 through 0' to indicate this to players unfamiliar with this concept.
Suggestion: Increase the zoom out distance by approximately 10-20%. With so much glorious background detail and a lot going on, a wider overview would be appreciated and allows for better judgement of positioning.

***Unskippable in-game cutscenes!!***
Not the fully rendered ones such as the prologue video showing you Abaddon, but in-game ones such as the audio waffle when you reach the space station in the first prologue mission.
- This type of thing is the bane of every gamer's existence. Especially if you replay a whole section (such as the prologue) due to crashes.
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Re: Compilation of my bugs, crashes, errors and suggestions

Postby Oumi » 11 March 2016, 02:24

The visuals are stunning and the idea of the game is great, however you really have to ask what the previous (non-preorder) testers have actually been doing? By the looks of it, doing what 99% of your average WoW beta tester used to do... bugger all except go 'oo look it's all new!!'

There are so many bugs, so many missing features regarding key binds / info, crashes are frequent and for unknown reasons (no crash as far as I can see) and the game balance overall seems way out of kilter. I mean, really? Defending sides in MP have a huge advantage in most games to name the first face-smackingly obvious problem.

I find it genuinely worrying that this game is meant to release in around 2 weeks time and there are this many issues within the game. The sad thing is, it's not even exploitable mechanics that cause frustration. The lack of a simple shift+click to select multiple ships from the side bar to name one.

What bothers me a lot is that it took all of about 15 - 20 minutes of playing the prologue and another 5 - 10 minutes of just looking at the menus to discover the issues that I mentioned above, such as the highly verbose nature of bind descriptions.

Simple QoL issues and even a basic spelling mistake. I mean really? Did none of the closed beta testers have a basic grasp of the English language?

Don't get me wrong, it takes a lot for a developer to enter the Games Workshop arena and develop a game that isn't shit. I want this game to succeed, I want it to be good. I am so impressed that Unreal4 has been shaped into something so visually great. But fancy visuals aren't going to make up for poor quality gameplay, lackluster tools and imbalanced gameplay.

Going by the track record of titles under GW, you have Dawn of War at one end of the amazing-ness spectrum (as the exception to the norm) and then every pay-to-win app store piece of crap / random IP latch-on crapfest at the other. Unless people get their finger out and proactively make a huge number of improvements in the coming 2 weeks, Armada could find itself at the app store end of the GW gaming franchise.

On a final note, I am very curious. Steam refunds are eligible if you haven't played more than 2 hours of the game. With the beta being accessed via the named pre-order client, by playing over 2 hours of beta, does this invalidate your eligibility for a refund if the fully released game turns out to be dreadful?
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Re: Compilation of my bugs, crashes, errors and suggestions

Postby scouse22rn » 11 March 2016, 08:09

I've got to say I agree with everything said here. Which is a shame really at this stage of development.

Another issue is pacing during multilayer. It's developed into a click fest about who can mash the buttons and keys faster. Not a lot of skill involved. The limited tactical augur usage doesn't make up for it. I just don't get the feel I'm commanding hugely massive ships kilometers long.

Waiting for server freeze is another major pain in the rear but I thin it's been mentioned in other places lol.

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Re: Compilation of my bugs, crashes, errors and suggestions

Postby imoneoldfart » 11 March 2016, 10:03

I have gotten the fatel error 3 times while trying to connect from a match or right after.

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Re: Compilation of my bugs, crashes, errors and suggestions

Postby Focus_Alan » 11 March 2016, 10:24

Hi Oumi,

Thank you for your feedback.
Tickets have been sent to the devs for the unknown bugs.

Thank you again.

Alan - Focus Team

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