Text Issues

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Text Issues

Postby twentypence » 10 March 2016, 22:00

While playing I noticed a number of text issues, this is really minor stuff but I thought you might want to tidy it up a bit.

When attacking the orbital platform in the tutorial I see the message "Heavy Damages", this should be "Heavy Damage"

During the second cut scene at Port Maw one of the characters says "a vast Chaos fleet" while the text says "a massive Chaos fleet".

One of the characters is called "Imperial Navy Enseign", this should be "Imperial Navy Ensign"

There's no way to skip the text in the campaign, you can skip the videos though.

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Re: Text Issues

Postby Focus_Ugo » 11 March 2016, 13:18


Thank for pointing that out.
Will be changed for the final version of the game.


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