Camera Movement Issues

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Camera Movement Issues

Postby Alexi_Menser » 10 March 2016, 21:53

Just wanted to point out that there are issues with the current keys for camera movement as you will frequently be unable to use them as they appear to be binded to something else? This applies both to wasd and the arrow keys.
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Re: Camera Movement Issues

Postby Sputnik » 10 March 2016, 22:04

Just wasted 15min just to rebind the keys that I can WASD the camera. Important keys like cntrl are not bindable, leaving not much space for variety.

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Re: Camera Movement Issues

Postby twentypence » 10 March 2016, 22:05

I thought W and A were not bound as default, I could get S, D, and the arrow keys to work as expected most of the time.

I also don't know if there's certain context sensitive key bindings, because when doing certain actions (like targeting sub-systems on an enemy ship) I couldn't get the arrow keys to work until I deselected the enemy ship.

Ctrl for grouping didn't seem to work for me either.

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Re: Camera Movement Issues

Postby spacebook_user41745 » 10 March 2016, 22:45

had this issue but it resolves itself if you set the controls to default

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Re: Camera Movement Issues

Postby Focus_Alan » 11 March 2016, 13:26

Hi Guys,

If you are playing with a QWERTY keyboard and having troubles with the mapping being an AZERTY one please do as spacebook_user41745 said and click the default button, it should fix the issue.

The devs are already working on this problem and it should be fixed soon.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Alan - Focus Team

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