Retarded "feature": cinematic death

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Retarded "feature": cinematic death

Postby Auzor » 08 May 2016, 09:16

Whenever I lose a ship, I lose control of my fleet;

I was wondering what the fuck happens, because I just lose my selection, sometimes the map screen etc is gone.
I think I know now what happens: if I lose a ship, the UI and ship, and ability selection just goes "poof".
And I need to reselect my ships. Can't zoom out very far..
This results in a chain reaction and... ship lost again, ability I was trying to use again deselected..
This is bullshit.

BTW: I still think merely taking damage/.. causes a loss of ability selection, because it happens way to often that I try to place a bomb, and lose the "bomb selected".

Often I feel like when I lose, it is because I'm fighting against a retarded control scheme, trying to control retarded captains; more so than any excellence on my opponent's side.
Going through fleet, all use vauls manoever.. oh right, on this one ship it is elsewhere. Grrnghk.
Give fleet movement order, all turn "left", one turns right, so when I zoom they crash into each other. RETARD CAPTAIN AHOI.

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