only fatal error

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only fatal error

Postby aranyr » 04 May 2016, 18:12

hey, today i just wanted to play some game and.... impossible...

every game: fatal error

it seems to be since the last patch

thanks to fix it fast.

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Re: only fatal error

Postby Focus_Jolan » 10 May 2016, 09:13

Hi aranyr.

We're sorry for this inconvenience.
We didn't have this issue on your side.
Can you send us your DxDiag and some of you Crash Dumps of this particular crash please?
(You can find these Dumps here : C:\Users\PC Name\AppData\Local\BattleFleetGothic\Saved\Logs)
Just do an .rar / .zip of the dump and add it to your reply.

Thank you.
Jolan - Focus Team

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