Known Issues

We'll help you troubleshoot issues with Battlefleet Gothic: Armada.
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Known Issues

Postby Netheos » 22 April 2016, 13:04

Greetings Admirals!

We've compiled a list of known issues that you may come across during your time in the Battlefleet Gothic: Armada. We are actively doing all we can to get these sorted out as soon as possible!

If you come across any issues not listed below, please post details in the Technical Support sub forum.

  • The "Lock Cursor" option is not saved between two launch of the game.
  • When you launch a Skirmish Elite (2v2 coop) with a friend you can't see him on the "Set your fleet" screen but he's right here.
  • The tooltip of "Fear the Darkness" displays the wrong chance of success in game.

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