out of video memory

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out of video memory

Postby riptidemage » 06 October 2016, 18:48

Hopefully this is the right forum instead of bug reports,
First off, I had no issues playing the game during beta/when it first came out.

Recently started playing again and I repeatedly get an "our of video memory trying to allocate a rendering resource" error, with what it was trying to allocate changing sometimes to a texture.

Most of the time this happens when loading to the main menu, however sometimes I can get in and play anywhere from 1-a dozen matches before it errors out.


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Re: out of video memory

Postby FocusTechSupport » 07 October 2016, 09:25

Please reset the game setttings:

1. Open 'Windows Explorer' or 'File Explorer' from the taskbar.
2. Open the Local Disk '(C:)' under 'Computer' or 'This PC'.
3. Open the folder 'Users' then the folder of your Windows username.
4. Open the folder 'AppData' (*) then the folder 'Local'.
5. Open the folder 'BattleFleetGothic' then the folder 'Saved'.
6. Rename the folder 'Config'' and run the game.

Do you have this error again?

(*) The 'AppData' folder is an hidden folder by default, to view this folder:

Click 'Organize' from the top left then 'Folder and search options'.
Click the tab 'View' and check 'Show hidden files, folders and drives' under 'Hidden files and folders' from 'Advanced Settings'.
Click the button 'OK'.

Click the tab 'View' and check 'Hidden items'.

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