EARLY ADOPTERS: Space Marines and Tau Empire DLCs

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EARLY ADOPTERS: Space Marines and Tau Empire DLCs

Postby FocusTechSupport » 22 June 2016, 09:31

The Space Marines and the Tau Empire DLCs are now available.

A. If you have the Retail DVD version of BFG:A, there is a DLC code printed on the flyer located inside the DVD case.

Please enter this code in order to get your DLCs for free:

1. Run Steam.
2. Click '+ ADD A GAME...' bottom left then 'Activate a Product on Steam...'.

B. Otherwise, please verify the integrity of the game cache in order to check and update the game content:

1. Run Steam and click LIBRARY.
2. Right click on 'Battlefleet Gothic: Armada' and click 'Properties'.
3. Click the tab 'LOCAL FILES' then click the button 'VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME CACHE'.

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