Patch Notes 09/06/16

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Re: Patch Notes 09/06/16

Postby Bosie » 09 June 2016, 13:42

Looming forward to playing this patch as you've made some interesting changes.

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Re: Patch Note 09/06/16

Postby Netheos » 09 June 2016, 13:50

Sagranda wrote:For a better overview of the gameplay changes



I updated the patch note with these sections ;)

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Re: Patch Notes 09/06/16

Postby Badgutz » 09 June 2016, 14:17

My Ed Urtz ! Like the mwj change gj.
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Re: Patch Notes 09/06/16

Postby wowu5 » 09 June 2016, 14:26

>tfw still no desolator rebalance :evil:

All things asides, I like how they actually manage to add two more Eldar ship classes without breaking the lore.
The change is minor (basically a new BC with torps and CA with launch bays with same weapons) but it's good to see some diversity anyway.

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Re: Patch Notes 09/06/16

Postby Bludfist » 09 June 2016, 14:29

wowu5 wrote:>tfw still no desolator rebalance :evil:

Sio'are wrote:Kor'o Elys'eir Sio'Are Kaith Kir'qath. You know the drill, Soldiers.


Hello great Sage. Tau spies have managed to steal the plans for Chaos battleships, however the Earth caste projections of speed are wrong! Can you explain why the engine power of the Chaos Retribution Battleship is lower than its schematics show?

(In tabletop the Retribution has the same speed as most Chaos cruisers yet in game here it's much slower. Why is this? If it's a balance issue, couldn't points just be adjusted to keep this unique flavour of Chaos?)

I am sorry, RedDevilCG, but the Retribution is a Battleship from the Imperial Navy Fleet. You must talk about the Desolator. It is a Game Design decision indeed both in terms of balance and of feelings. We wanted Battleships to feel powerful, like flying fortresses. In addition, both Chaos Battleships are quite fast for Battleships, only on par with the Imperial Navy Retribution Battleship, and only outspeeded by the Void Stalker.

Theres was a second additional response today:

Sio'are wrote:Kor'o Elys'eir Sio'Are Kaith Kir'qath, Back in buisness.

Sorry for my abscence, lot of work to do here, I haven't got much time until now. Soooo let's get to it right now !


As of now, the Desolator is a little bit shorter in terms of broadside DPS against a sole target, due to a bug lowering the Missile Pods DPS (other than the light version). This bug will be removed on the next patch, and will give the Desolator just as much Firepower broadside against one target as the Acheron, while being more tanky, and firing from further with the Macro-Weapons. It'll still have a Better Max DPS overall, and will be better against two ships on each side, and against a ship ahead, due to the Torpedoes giving by itself +8 DPS.

So missle pods currently are bugged and in the next patch (i.e im assuming the balace patch to be released this week) it will be fixed and it will have a higher DPS

Fixed a bug giving the Missile Pod, Heavy Missile Pod and Super Heavy Missile Pod the wrong damage value. It is now 10 instead of 3.

the devs will not buff it
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Re: Patch Notes 09/06/16

Postby Necroledo » 09 June 2016, 14:39

It's great to finally see this update :) Things look very interesting; we will see how they turn out.

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Re: Patch Notes 09/06/16

Postby Zeblasky » 09 June 2016, 15:24

I think that something is broken about panic with my chaos fleet. In 2 matches I had fleet with 4 line ships and 2 escorts agains eldar(both won btw). On 4 losses of my escorst I had 4 instances of panic(1 loss on mines without panic, 2 losses with 1 panic each and 1 loss, which produced 2 panics). Plus on 2 losses of the line ship I think I had about 2 instances of panic. At one point I had fleet with 3 full HP line ships, and they all had execution debuff on them. Next match I even had a full HP ship with 2 execution debuffs, which never happened to me before. Either it's an extreme RNG, or someone gotta check the code.

I completely reinvested all my crews in a daemonic influence, will see if it will help.

Btw, as I see it, damage, caused by the execution, can now be repaired, right?

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Re: Patch Notes 09/06/16

Postby Imperator5 » 09 June 2016, 15:54

Sounds good for the most, especially the eldar starcannon and new ship stuff.

Not sure why the Avatar got permanet criticals and Khorne/SM/Shokk did not.

The nerf to troop value bonuses seems too huge a nerf combined with this. Marine and Khorne favours are now quite useless.

Still no buff to Nova and Desolator, but oh well. 2 new elf ships!

Please help me change skirmish to be customisable. Its very important for PVE players.

viewtopic.php?f=3&t=515 Mod idea.

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Re: Patch Notes 09/06/16

Postby Gobsmaka » 09 June 2016, 16:19

Taunt finally gone :) really hated the whole idea you could taunt a ship into attacking something.
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Re: Patch Notes 09/06/16

Postby Mr Morden » 09 June 2016, 16:24

Well done

All looks good so far - look forward to playing later tonight :)
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