Balance Patch Next Week

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Re: Balance Patch Next Week

Postby SirHelbrecht » 09 June 2016, 10:21

Be patient, wait.

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Re: Balance Patch Next Week

Postby Scorch715 » 09 June 2016, 10:59

Papa Bear wrote:
That's about as wise an answer as it gets. It's evident as hell that the developer has in fact created a game that is far above their own capacity to uphold, develop and bring to full potential. Which is very sad.
But the game is awesome and has given me more hours of fun than many-many others, on par with the best games out there. Kinda like "Mount and Blade".
One of those cases, when you're sad that the game is sooo good that you want more and more of it, but it's just not there...

Very true. I believe there was a press release when the game came out about how the team were shocked at how popular the game had proven. They weren't expecting to deal with this level of demand

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Re: Balance Patch Next Week

Postby Vulpes_Inculta » 09 June 2016, 12:07

All posts both here and on Steam forums may be divided in 2 groups:

1) People who realise they are either being directly cheated or falling victim to incompetence and are upset about it.

2) People who can't believe it cause they always believe what they want to belive and are trying to make up arguments why everything is alright. While ignoring those things that can't be excused like complete dev's silence on another missed deadline.

Sad, very sad. Never bothered to write any reviews on Steam but this time I will.

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Re: Balance Patch Next Week

Postby Marwynn » 09 June 2016, 13:36

And yet 40+ minutes after that dramatic proclamation, the patch notes dropped along with the Space Marine DLC preview.

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