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Re: Patch note 26/04/16

Posted: 27 April 2016, 09:50
by Beernchips
Flat damage and you can t use skills linked to Hull (I think bombs)

Re: Patch note 26/04/16

Posted: 27 April 2016, 13:34
by Candor
Halstead wrote:I do want to see this game get better. I'm a hardcore navy man, last two generation were in navy or had to do with it (Coast Guard or Marines) and I'm a science fiction nut. One thing I want to see for IN is more light cruiser classes, Dauntless wasn't the only one after all.

Actually it was the only class in the basic rulebook. The Endurance series weren't deployed until well after the Gothic War was over, and even then mostly in Battlefleet Solar, hence their absence here.

Re: Patch note 26/04/16

Posted: 03 May 2016, 05:50
by BabyLionCub
Ravensburg wrote:
rogal dorn wrote:ALL cool stuff, thanks guys

question is it intended that a player suffer a lost in the warp on the data retrieval and assassination mission if the data holder or admirals ship warps out to win the mission? is this fair if intended

It will be fix in the next patch and was not intended.



I always thought it was intended. After all, it's a risk going through the warp wether you have mission critical items on board or not =) It forces you to decide wether to risk staying and fighting or high tailing it out of there, but risking the void. In that sense, you might actually pick the navigator crew (for once..) to reduce risk of being lost.