Update 1.8

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Update 1.8

Postby Netheos » 24 November 2016, 10:28


Greetings Admirals,

We're pleased to release a new update!

This latest patch brings the long awaited Fleet Color System, as well as many bug fixes.

Patch Notes 1.8

New Features
  • Integration of the Fleet Colour System for each faction except Space Marines.
  • The Fleet Colour can be changed at the Docks by clicking on the button displayed at the right of the Admiral panel.
  • The Favors can be hidden for each ship by clicking the checkbox on the Favours panel (even for the Space Marines).
  • In-game, Integration of favors icons at the right of the ship’s life bar in order to keep a feedback of the favors fitted when the player hide the favors skins.
  • Modification of the Tau “Water Caste” favor skill “Nicassar reinforcement” cooldown (180s -> 240s).
  • Modification of the ordinance behavior, launching an ordinance skill while another ordinance squadron is already out will create a new squadron instead of regrouping with the existing ones.
  • Retake of the skill “Emergency repair”, the skill won’t stop anymore if the ship has reach its maximum hull points.
  • Modification of the Space Marine default engagement range set at 3k.

Bug Fixes
  • Fix of the issue that made the ordnances instantly kill the ship they were attacking if the ship triggered it’s disengage.
  • Fix of the ship names on the Score screen that weren’t displayed in the correct language.
  • Fix of an issue that allowed a ship with the “mercenary” trait to automatically cancel its Warp Disengagement if played by the AI.
  • Fix of the trait “mercenary” that was not correctly displayed on the Tau auxiliary “Kroot Warsphere” ship.
  • Fix of the cancelling of the warp disengage just before the end of the timer that can provoke an invincible ship. (Now it’s impossible to cancel the warp disengage when the warp portal is open).
  • Fix of the cancelling of warp disengage just before the end of the timer that can provoke an invisible ship by passing through the Warp’s FX.
  • Fix of an issue in 2v2 skirmish that prevented the player from fighting against a Tau or a Space Marine AI. It’s now possible to fight against every faction in every game mode (except the campaign mode) even if the player hasn’t bought the DLC.
  • Fix of an issue during the mission “Breakthrough” that prevented the player ship from disengaging through the escape zone if his ships was already in it when the last defense platform was destroyed.
  • Fix of an issue during the mission “Breakthrough” that could trigger an insubordination test while a ship was leaving the battlefield through the escape zone.
  • Add of a protection on a campaign side quest involving the Tzeentch Nemesis to avoid a crash provoked when the player Warp out after stealing the data.
  • Fix of the skill “Warp Echo” that displayed a green socle instead of a red one.
  • Fix of an issue on the skill “Warp Echo” that stealthed the “Warp echo” when the launching ship was going stealth, the Warp echo is now independent from its launching ship.
  • Fix of an issue on the Ork’s upgrade “Cleva Mekboy” that allowed the utilization of the skills “boarding” and “Emergency Repair” while warping out.
  • Fix of the Mutiny malus value displayed on the skill “Fear the Darkness” that wasn’t updated for the guest.
  • Fix of the Ork’s ship that couldn’t stop after using the “Big Red Button” skill.
  • When playing the Tau faction, fix of the issue that grants more renown to the player than the amount showed on the scorescreen.
  • Fix of a crash when you restarted the mission on Lukitar, turn 19, in the campaign.
  • Integration of a progress bar on the fire icons (Only on the fire displayed above the stat panel of the ship).
  • Add of a scrollbar in order to facilitate the navigation in the menu.
  • At the docks, to navigate through the ship list.
  • In the “Set your Fleet” panel, to navigate through the ship list.
  • You can no longer select a critic system on the Tau Warsphere.
  • A message is now displayed on the main menu when the host quits a custom game.
  • Now, when the player selects the elite mode at the docks, his selection will be saved between 2 battles. (This behavior is reset by going back to the Main menu).
  • The key “Windows” and “Tabulation” can no longer be bind. (a message is displayed explaining that they are forbidden key).
  • Integration of the new ship naming system that is more accurate to the true names for every ship of every faction. (ship name and class name).
  • Improvement of the behavior panel, it won’t close anymore when the player selects another ship, in order to facilitate the presetting of his whole fleet.
  • The anti-aliasing option won’t automatically reactivate at each launch of the game. Its status is now saved correctly.
  • Update of the New Tau Weaponries on every Tau ship.
  • Fix of the Eldar Cruiser “Shadow” Kurnous pattern, that had a misplaced turret.
  • Fix of a Hole on the engine of the Space Marine Battle Barge.
  • Modification of the AI insubordination behavior, now the enemy ship that insubordinate have 2/3 chances to trigger an execute after a range of 1-5 seconds.
  • The Ork’s ship general behavior has been changed in order to disable the ramming of the stationary units (defense platform and space station).
  • Fix of a graphical glitch that was displayed on the Tau Ion Canon beam texture.
  • Fix of the Space Marines Warp disengagement FX that wasn’t displayed.
  • Fix of the Stronghold Demiurg shield that provoked some clipping with the mesh.
  • Improvement of the skill FX of “Wind of changes” to be world-space related instead of local in order to avoid the rotation of the FX with the ship.
  • Fix of the Tau weaponry “Prow Heavy railgun” FX which was displayed while the ship was stealthed or detected.
  • Fix of the Emergency Repair skill FX position on the vanguard that was shifted in front of the ship.
  • Retake of the Tau Ion Canon and Railgun Fx to accommodate to the new Tau weapons.
  • The Ion Canon beam’s brightness has been lightly reduced.
  • Reduction of the emissive intensity on the Nicassar Dhow master material.
  • Adding of some brightness changes on the engine FX of the Kroot Warsphere when changing its course.
  • Add of the localization for the Tau trait “Space Miners” for the languages ES/DE/RU/PL.
  • Modification of the Ork’s “Nova Kanon” data in order to match with the data of the Imperial’s “Nova Canon”.
  • Modification of the data of the skill “Gravity Wave Projector” in order to display “generator” in its affiliation.
  • Fix of the “Augur disruptor” skill description, a comma was missing to the value displayed. (1,000)
  • Modification of the Polish transport ship name in order to suppress the mention “Ship of”.
  • Modification of the “Disruption bomb” skill description in order to display 0 to the shield’s reduction value.
  • Fix of a typing error on the “Dialogue 13_Mission 30_b” in French.

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Re: Update 1.8

Postby GreySeer » 24 November 2016, 11:04

Sneaky you are with this patch.

Is this all you prepared for this game in terms of painting your fleet? I have hopped for some like the dawn of the war painting here.

What is planed for this padlock box above settings?

Sadly not much in terms of balance, again and no thing to consolidate MP player base despite the fact that number of player are doping and if you find a ranked game fast its a miracle.

I would really like to write something more optimistic but you are not giving me reasons for doing so and this situation stretches for a long time and a few fruitless is some crucial areas patches.
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Re: Update 1.8

Postby Bosie » 24 November 2016, 11:11

You guys don't talk often enough, but when you do <3

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Re: Update 1.8

Postby Ashardalon » 24 November 2016, 12:05

"Modification of the ordinance behavior, launching an ordinance skill while another ordinance squadron is already out will create a new squadron instead of regrouping with the existing ones."
more info please, can you have multiple defensive squads now? or does this mean that the old will return to the hangar and be replaced instead of reinforced?

Modification of the AI insubordination behavior, now the enemy ship that insubordinate have 2/3 chances to trigger an execute after a range of 1-5 seconds.
THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH elite mode will be a challenge now!!

The Ork’s ship general behavior has been changed in order to disable the ramming of the stationary units (defense platform and space station).
??? you changed orks to be less orky ??? why ???

some amazing stuff, will be checking it out as soon as the download finishes, these updates always have me with a massive grin on my face for the entire day :D my jaw is going to hurt so much tomorrow :lol:

edit: awesome paint choices, i can see why this took some time, a DoW paint option would have been preferable but its still awesome

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Re: Update 1.8

Postby Arkmut » 24 November 2016, 13:19

I was hoping for something more "customizable" for that painting feature. Here we just have a selection between some predefined color schemes. I wish we could create our own.. Maybe in a future patch?

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Re: Update 1.8

Postby Bludfist » 24 November 2016, 15:57

favors have too much a tactical impact on the game

im not sure im a fan of just having an indicator on the side
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Re: Update 1.8

Postby Ahzek Ahriman » 24 November 2016, 17:09


After such a long amount of time it took you, I thought we would get an actual, solid fleet painter, meanwhile you only gave us a few preset options, and you took the laziest possible approach with favours.

No seriously, for me there could as well be no fleet colour choice since I prefer the favour look over some pre-set painting scheme.

And what's worse, you didn't even touch MP issue.

I think I don't even have any strength left to complain anymore. I always try to at least appreciate all the work you're doing with the game, but really now. Wrong direction.

I'd also like someone to elaborate on the new squadron system.

From what I've seen, if for instance one of the fighter squadrons is down to 2 fighters, fighter ordnance skill will create a new squadron of 4 fighters instead of refilling those 4.

Pretty pointless imo, old system was less messy.
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Re: Update 1.8

Postby Goblinclock » 24 November 2016, 18:30

First off I had to make a new email to register here since it gave me some technical issue when I attempted to register with my normal address. But all that was worth it to express my disappointment here. I will state that not all the issues are from this patch but most are.

1) We had always been told we were getting a "Customer Fleet Painter" not a few pre-selected color schemes. SO that is disappointing, however if you elected to give us more (Actual choosing of our own colors) later I could be down.

2) I am mostly upset about the chaos color schemes. You gave us default, Black Legion and then the four gods. So essentially just black legion. since we always had default and the four gods..... with favors.

3) The god scheme for Tzeentch's fleet is purple.... Slaneesh is purple.... even in the tzeentch favor color scheme included in the game since day 1 tzeentch is blue. Why is the Tzeentch fleet painter scheme purple?

4) I was hoping you would give us the traitor legion's colors when I was told by a friend you guys had finally implement the fleet painter but it was all presets. Iron Warriors? Night Lords? Alpha Legion? Emperors children is Slannesh so that is there, Nurgle could be deathguard, Khorne for World Eaters.... No thousand Sons tho since they are blue (Sorry Ahriman :( ) .... especially with the upcoming release of the Traitor Legions supplement for 40k TT (Tabletop) soon.

5) Where are all the balance patches? There are plenty of things that need tweaking. I would rather have waited for the Fleet Colors and get the MP and balance stuff taken care of, especially if these presets are all we get for it. In fact I could be ok never painting anything if we could get MP running smoothly.

6) I almost never see anything from the devs here (or anywhere) anymore. the road map has been out of date for ages. So are you done with Battlefeet? I get it if you are i understand, but please tell us so we know not to expect updates. I pre-ordered this game for me and my friends and I am a huge fan of 40k. I did this in hope of one day seeing the full cast of battlefleet table top rendered in all its shiny 3d glory. (Necrons mostly tbh) I love your game, I just want be let know what is up with what is one of my favorite games that has come out in a long time. I have voted in every poll and done every feedback survey, and every-time you push an update I play to see the changes. I have done my part, but I feel like the devs aren't any-longer. Please prove me wrong.

TL;DR: Whine Whine, Complain Complain. I feel like I have been bamboozled. This method seems like a seriously lazy to fulfill your promises. And I am worried that the Devs have abandoned us.

Edit: Spelling and things.
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Re: Update 1.8

Postby dopp » 25 November 2016, 01:23

Thanks for the update and continued support!

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Re: Update 1.8

Postby Atherius » 26 November 2016, 03:44

Thank you for this patch :)

I like what you did with the colour options and I think I understand why its a selection vs painting. It ensures quality and prevents graphical glitches which might otherwise happen, and prevents pink battlefleet gothic squadrons ^^

Thank you for fixing bugs!

Much gratitude!

Just a tiny question..
.. could the Eldar receive a tiny buff?

Much thank you!

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