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Re: Release Patch Notes

Postby levithan » 21 April 2016, 16:46

Netheos wrote:We are working on the 2v2 versus AI and the 1v1 with friend.
It will be added to the game as soon as possible.

What a pity :( . Me and my friends were really looking forward to this

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Re: Release Patch Notes

Postby CALiGeR190 » 21 April 2016, 16:49

Soooo happy about this Voss Pattern Void Sheilds and actually worth-while plasma cannons.
My battery tank fleet can relive some of its former glory at long last!
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Re: Release Patch Notes

Postby BattulBruvaCat » 21 April 2016, 16:58

TBH I hope much more ships get added after the relase. More escorts, light cruisers (muh Endurance, muh Defiant), rare types of ships from other sectors (maybe expansion packs from other sectors, also bringing in other races like Tau and Tyranids), Grand Cruisers (possibly avaiable at high Admiral level) and so on.

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Re: Release Patch Notes

Postby Auzor » 21 April 2016, 17:18

Netheos wrote:Greetings Admirals!

[*]The Siren of Slaanesh Chaos favour Upgrade now has an improved range of 7.500 instead of 3.000
[*]The Faction attributes “Disciplined” (Eldar) and “Disorganized” (Orks) now modify the Taunt’s duration (in addition to the other bonuses):
  • It lasts 50% shorter on Eldar ships.
  • It lasts 50% longer on Ork ships.
[*]The “Fragile” Faction attribute (Eldar) now decrease the Ramming Damage dealt by ships that have it by 50%, in addition to the other penalties given by the attribute.
[*]The Augur Disruptor skill has been modified:
  • Its range is now 7.500 instead of 5.000.
  • The Enemy detection range is now reduced to 1.000 instead of 0.
[*]The Micro Warp Jump has been modified:
  • The interdiction zone for the arrival zone of the teleportation is now 3.000 instead of 1.250.
[*]The Micro Warp Jump now silences the ship during the loading time of the skill.
[*]The Imperium now have a second kind of Torpedo: The Melta Torpedo. It causes an automatic critical damage “Fire Onboard!” on the ships they hit if the torpedo bypasses the armor. Unlike normal torpedoes, they consider armor as normal and not at 25%.
[*]The Imperium has a new Escort vessel: The Widowmaker. It comes with torpedoes and an augur sensor passively enhancing its detection zone.
[*]The Imperium has a new Ship Upgrade: Power Ram. It gives the ship the Spur ship attribute, enhancing their ramming damage. It replaces the Camo upgrade, which is no longer accessible.
[*]The Imperium has a new Ship Upgrade: Voss Pattern Void Shield, which gives the ship’s shield 25% chance to ignore a hit. It replaces the Generator Security Team, which is no longer available.
[*]The Global Events “Solar Eruption” and “Radiation Wave” are now added to the game.
[*]The Imperium has a new Ship Upgrade: Short-Burn Torpedoes, which enhance the torpedoes’ speed by 50%. It replaces the Overload Generator, which is no longer available.
[*]The Data Recovery and Assassination Targets can no longer be furtive.
[*]The Imperium has a new Ship Upgrade: Mezoa Pattern Drive which enhances the ship’s speed by 25. But, if the ship suffers critical damage, then it will receive the status Engine Destroyed and remove access to Special Maneuvers. It replaces the Auxiliary power relay upgrade, which is no longer available.
[*]Eldars have a new Faction Attribute, Void Species, which make them immune to the Solar Eruption global event.
[*]Collisions with celestial bodies, such as the Mining Facility or Imperial City, now cause damage to the ship.
[*]Eldar’s Holofield increase rate now 7.5 per second instead of 10. Its decrease stays at 10 per second.
[*]The Reinforcement skills of the Space Station can now be set in auto-launch. But, as they are linked, it will make all three of them in auto-launch setting.
[*]Major modification of Eldar ships:
  • The Eldar Shuriken Cannons are now named Starcannons.
  • The Holofield now only has an 80% chance to block Lance based attacks. It reduces the enemy Macro-weapons precision, up to halving it at maximum efficiency. It now decreases if the ship moves at less than 50% its max Speed, and increases if the ship moves at 90% or above of its max speed.
  • The “Engines Destroyed” critical damage now modifies the Holofield’s efficiency. Each Sail destroyed decreases the Holofield’s defense by 10 points.
  • The “Generators Destroyed” critical damage now halves the efficiency of the Holofield.
  • The reinforced Holofield no longer gives +5% absorption to the Holofield. It now blocks the minimal value of the Holofield at 20%, even if the ship doesn’t move.
  • The Holofield Overcharge Skill no longer absorbs 100% of hits. Instead, it gives the ship its Holofield’s actual maximum value (value affected by the critical damages) for a given duration, even when the ship isn’t moving.
  • Eldar ships no longer suffer from the wobbling effect


[*]The Imperium’s Plasma Batteries have been improved, and the fleet point costs of the Tyrant, Overlord and Retribution have been reworked accordingly.

[*]The auto-cast of torpedo skills has been improved, and the precision of auto-launch now includes the “Short burn torpedoes” upgrade in it.
[*]The profiles are now retro-compatible considering upgrades. An upgrade replacing another will not cause problems anymore.
[*]A warning message is now displayed if no audio peripheral system has been detected.
[*]The profile setting delay when the player connects is now only done in multiplayer.[/list]


  • Numerous text modifications.
  • Modifications made on the Credits.


  • New acknowledgement sounds have been set for each Favour when you fit them on a ship.

*Slaanesh: good I think. However, Siren of Slaanesh is the increased chance of insubordination. Does it still stack?
e.g. 3 Slaanesh ships in 7500, enemy ship down to 30% -> 3 x 10% insubordination for +30%?
* Different taunt: ... one of the few things eldar were vulnerable too.
* Eldar less ramming: good, should help in convoy missions..
*Augur disruptor: shouldn't this be some sort of accuracy debuff instead..
* Melta torpedoes:.. not sure if worth it. Normal torp goes vs 25% armor, and has 11% crit chance. It can kill a ship "now", fires could be put out with repair.. Hilarious that the melta-torpedoes are worse vs armor.
* Power ram: loss of camo could be hard for certain missions. Usefullness of ramming depends on opponent..
* 25% shield chance ignores a hit: this seems awesome on a BB. Of course, doesn't work vs ordnance,.. *very* unpredictable effect vs say.. pulsar lances. Lucky 25% roll= ship lives, game won. unlucky = dead.
* Mezoa pattern drive: hell no. First crit = engine destroyed? Nope. Nope. Nope-ity nope.
* Short burn torpedoes: +50% torp speed? Sounds.. awesome to me.
But: When will you people finally remove the AP macro cannon upgrade, from everyone?

Holofield : halving Macro accuracy: *magic*. Each race has different accuracies, so vs other eldar, the holofields stops a higher % of shots.
And, holofields blocks more shots at short range.
At 6k range, an IN/Chaos Macro weapon shooting an Eldar ship would still have only 22.5% chance of dealing damage. But yes, a huge improvement over the current situation. (60% accuracy, 20% through holofield, 75% through armor --> 9%). (Lance: 0.2 x 0.75=0.15.. so at 6k range, Macro weapons are now 50% more effective vs eldar (presuming equal listed dps) than lances. Considering lances are absolutely crap, we'll see how this works out.
Question: if I take the accuracy upgrade at long range, does the upgrade work, or is the upgrade effect also halved? (siigh... )
3000 MWJ: jikes. it is already buggy imo.
Generator crit -> halved holofield efficiency: uuuh.. does this also work for macro-cannons??
As in, without generator, macro accuracy is reduced by 25% only (accuracy multiplied by 0.75 instead of 0.5)?
Likewise engines; each sail destroyed reduces by 10%. Again: Eldar only faction that doesn't completely lose shields from a wrecked generator.

Shuricen -> Star: eh.. also no homing..

[*]The Imperium’s Plasma Batteries have been improved, and the fleet point costs of the Tyrant, Overlord and Retribution have been reworked accordingly. :cry:
Huzzah, the Tyrant, Overlord & Retribution are buffed.
AAAaaand you've increased the points cost, didn't you. If that is a points cost increase for going from 12-15 dmg/shot, I'm not sure I want it even..
By the way: the Gothic & Lunar cruisers: are those, in your opinion, "worth it"?

How the hell do I assign my ships to "numbered groups"?
Can I please swap the map facing, so my side is always "the bottom"?

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Re: Release Patch Notes

Postby Wyrmnax » 21 April 2016, 17:36

Holy emperor, thats a lot of things getting done.

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Re: Release Patch Notes

Postby Lt.Hargrove » 21 April 2016, 17:39

Mwahahahaha, bomb spam still viable! Prepare for AM Cruiser onslaught!

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Re: Release Patch Notes

Postby Levandor » 21 April 2016, 18:43

What i dont get is the new imperial ship,

its exactly the same as the old torp ship, minus the macro turret, but it is more expensive, what did i miss?

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Re: Release Patch Notes

Postby Beernchips » 21 April 2016, 18:45

Widowmaker have 10 k detection range
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Re: Release Patch Notes

Postby Imperator5 » 21 April 2016, 18:48

Great patch notes, I can't wait to get the Retribution tested!

For the Emperor!

Please help me change skirmish to be customisable. Its very important for PVE players.

viewtopic.php?f=3&t=515 Mod idea.

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Re: Release Patch Notes

Postby Levandor » 21 April 2016, 18:52

Beernchips wrote:Widowmaker have 10 k detection range

Stupid me thanks

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