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Update: Patch 1.7.9074

Posted: 16 August 2016, 14:19
by Velociraptom
Greetings Admirals,

Last week we released patch 1.7.9074, which introduced a number of bug fixes and minor changes. Sadly, we were forced to revert the update, after encountering a major issue that caused a visual bug affecting admirals.

Just to keep you in the loop, we will be rolling out the content that was included in patch 1.7.9074 at a later date, included within the update that introduces the Tau faction. This decision was made in order to lessen the impact on development of the Tau, ensuring there's less of a delay for this much-anticipated fleet!

Glory to the Emperor!


Re: Update: Patch 1.7.9074

Posted: 16 August 2016, 15:08
by Ashardalon
i would prefer getting reliable clouds as soon as possible instead of waiting on tau
but it sounds as if the tau arnt far away and im curious what kind of new stuff they will bring to the battlefield
i can be patient... kinda...

Re: Update: Patch 1.7.9074

Posted: 16 August 2016, 18:10
by Ahzek Ahriman
To be honest you really have no need to hurry so much with the Tau, better roll out fixes sooner, Tau can wait a little bit more especially since they seem to be mostly done.

Pretty sure I'm not the only one who would willingly sacrifice earlier Tau for earlier fixes/balance adjustments.

Devs consider this please.

ESPECIALLY since Tau update may (and very likely will) have some bugs/problems and it would be much better to roll out content of the reverted patch (plus whatever additional fixes) and then release Tau separately so that it doesn't all pile up.

Re: Update: Patch 1.7.9074

Posted: 16 August 2016, 18:18
by Bosie
More looking forward to the vision bugs getting fixed than the Tau at the moment please!

Re: Update: Patch 1.7.9074

Posted: 21 August 2016, 13:36
by BabyLionCub
Thanks for keeping us updated. I know my friend is going to go bonkers over the Tau. It's pretty much the thing she has been waiting for lol =p