Patch Notes - 1st April 2016

The latest news and announcements for Battlefleet Gothic: Armada.
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Re: Patch Notes - 1st April 2016

Postby Necroledo » 01 April 2016, 12:39

Awesome! Loving how fast this is improving. Can't wait for Eldar and full release!

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Re: Patch Notes - 1st April 2016

Postby Lovenought » 01 April 2016, 12:48

The red circle around mines only shows up when you zoom in extremely far.

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Re: Patch Notes - 1st April 2016

Postby Vandaar » 01 April 2016, 13:36

What i love the most about this Dev team is that they choose to patch just before week end : that always secure a glorious week end of gaming and discovery ;-)

Thanks for the hard work, keep it up !

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Re: Patch Notes - 1st April 2016

Postby averageintelligence » 01 April 2016, 14:51

You have got to be frickin' kidding me ahah and just as i was working on the newb guide DARN YOU SILANDOS TEAM ....
awesome stuff looks like awesome stuff :)
good job guys

also sad to see no imp buffs yet ,no points increase,formations ... can we at least get some word on this stuff? is it planned are you guys considering it?

Please If you support custom game modes instead of randomized messes in skrims view this topic!

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Re: Patch Notes - 1st April 2016

Postby Trickstick » 01 April 2016, 14:57

Imperial Navy favour cobras have your fleet upgrades now. Nice.

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Re: Patch Notes - 1st April 2016

Postby Shaftoe » 01 April 2016, 15:42

Well, some good new additions. Something I feared to be implemented. A good new step toward the Victory. Though, Retribution wasn't buffed as I and some others hoped.

I hope 2vs2 battles, customisable skirmishes and... Utmost important - the Eldars will go out soon. We've already tested Orks, Imperium and Chaos and now we're out of time for checking: 1)Eldars 2)Whole picture of all races fighting one another. And the 2nd point in 2vs2 is going to take a lot of time to check and fix. If testers gonna test it to the best, then we need more time before release.

I hope the Eldars won't make us wait, because then we'll make good people wait the release a little bit more, or worse... sell them unbalanced game.

Yeah, clock is ticking.
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Re: Patch Notes - 1st April 2016

Postby Kadaeux » 01 April 2016, 15:49

On behalf of the steam forum, what are the ork "Flingz" gotta admit, it's bugging me too because I have pretty much everything for BFG on the tabletop and plenty of books and it just doesn't ring a bell.

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Re: Patch Notes - 1st April 2016

Postby Yiha » 01 April 2016, 16:11

I realy apreaciate your work. Thx for that. I really like that game. Even with the ballancing issuese. But what makes me raging is that the interface is worse then before:

3 out of 5 the search button dont work. After selecting an other ship it works....

9 out of 13 the redeploy and the execute button dont work. Zomming and wiggling around with the view helps.... mostly.

9 from 10 executing doas not work. Either the captain warps out 1/9 or the ship isn´t controllable 8/9. I smell an connection to the autopilot but i am not sure about that. Even if its an known issue that bug kills ship far more ofen than the admiral kills them. And i know that admiral and his bad skills.

Sorry for my poor english and again. Its a realy good game but stuff like that kills the fun.

Greetz Yiha

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Re: Patch Notes - 1st April 2016

Postby Bosie » 01 April 2016, 16:19

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Re: Patch Notes - 1st April 2016

Postby Dust Sniffer » 01 April 2016, 17:08

Azrael wrote:Why must you release the patch notes on today of all days? How can we trust that these are actually real?


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