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by Halstead
23 April 2016, 22:27
Forum: Stories and Lore
Topic: Orks vs Chaos / Eldars
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Re: Orks vs Chaos / Eldars

There are other builds than 2x Eclipse + VS :D. I also like running Eldar with camo on every ship + running silent. This + 9-12k range pulsar + 180 turn makes you very difficult to catch. Can also be used with massed torps if you run auroras. This can be countered with recon probes to an extent (yo...
by Halstead
23 April 2016, 22:24
Forum: Chaos Warfleet
Topic: Weapons Guide
Replies: 20
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Re: Weapons Guide

Torpedoes are close range burst damage. They're also long range torpedoes. You make the opponent react to them. If they plow on relying on their turrets, they risk damage. If they launch fighters, we know they have some ordnance bays. If they move, excellent for us (herding...). So there is some ut...

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