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by Galamere
09 September 2016, 18:36
Forum: Tau Fleet
Topic: Gravitic hooks
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Re: Gravitic hooks

As it stands, a few ships have the hooks, letting you bring 2-3 escorts in with that ship, but they are pricy ships. But the Warden/Drow they come with have all the upgrades that your escorts have, it can make for some really nasty forces.
by Galamere
09 September 2016, 18:34
Forum: Tau Fleet
Topic: Thoughts on Tau Strike Craft
Replies: 23
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Re: Thoughts on Tau Strike Craft

When you launch the bombers in this there are only 1 per ordinance launch bay that are sent out. In some ways this makes them more vulnerable it seems (AT least I can easily notice when they are shot down as they are MASSIVE) but they also hit like trucks. Especially with the Fire Cast favor, XV upg...
by Galamere
09 September 2016, 18:29
Forum: Tau Fleet
Topic: Fun little tactic
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Fun little tactic

For the giggles, I was bound and determined to make my Tau more of a 'knife-fight-y' 'boarding action' army. Amazingly, they are quite good at that, even though they dont get many assault actions normally. However, in doing this, I found something else that was a hell of a lot meaner... A large numb...

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