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by feld
29 October 2016, 00:48
Forum: Imperial Navy
Topic: Gothic cruiser, the worst cruiser in game?
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Re: Gothic cruiser, the worst cruiser in game?

Believe the TT background on the Gothic mentions pairing it with another macro cruiser as very effective. The macro ship brings down the shields and the gothic does the criticals. Anyone had any success doing that in real time? Maybe microing the "hold fire" command on the Gothic? V/r feld
by feld
28 October 2016, 23:58
Forum: Imperial Navy
Topic: Apocalypse-Class Battleship
Replies: 24
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Re: Apocalypse-Class Battleship

I wonder how tough it would be for the devs to add a behavior (perhaps a button up by hold fire?) that directed lance boats to "hold lances" until target void shields were down. Benefit: lances are actually used as the counter-armor weapons they are. Cost: lower average DPS while dropping ...

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