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by Psycked
06 May 2016, 20:13
Forum: Bug Reports
Topic: Disruptor bomb skill not showing up on Eldar
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Re: Disruptor bomb skill not showing up on Eldar

EXACT same issue I'm having right now on my Aurora's. I removed the skill and added it back in, launch game but the skill shows up as a white box and if you ready the ship the skill is completely gone. I did unfit the skill and add another and this DID show up when playing. This is VERY annoying and...
by Psycked
05 May 2016, 22:33
Forum: Bug Reports
Topic: Eldar Aurora skill bug
Replies: 0
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Eldar Aurora skill bug

How to produce bug: I've purchased the disruption bomb and it shows it equipped. Launch a multiplayer game at the pre-setup ship selection the Aurora with that skill shows up with a white box for the skill on the left. If you select to use it and it moves to the right the white box disappears and th...

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