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by 01spearingw
30 April 2016, 17:29
Forum: Technical Support
Topic: Crash or Hacked?
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Crash or Hacked?

No screenshot to help sorry: Multi 2v2 last night, game loads and deploys as normal, works perfectly fine until first contact with enemy, then: My game goes to follow one of my ships but unresponsive to any command or screen movement. Stays like this for 30sec as I watch my ship get shot like a duck...
by 01spearingw
30 April 2016, 06:38
Forum: Stories and Lore
Topic: Link to BFG material for those who want it.
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Re: Link to BFG material for those who want it.

Just a shame the old BFG models are hard to find & expensive to buy now. Damn you GW!
by 01spearingw
24 April 2016, 16:01
Forum: General Gameplay Discussion
Topic: Patch Frequency
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Re: Patch Frequency

I'd hope for small regular ones but in all honesty I'm a fanboy and I'm having a right laugh playing this game, and none of the various issues are enough to make me stop playing yet. I think given the IP the game will get a bit more leeway to fix up, I just hope the devs don't take that as a reason ...

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