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by orkimedes
15 April 2016, 11:41
Forum: Eldar Corsairs
Topic: LS with avatar pains me lore wise.
Replies: 23
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Re: LS with avatar pains me lore wise.

Yeah, Avatar spam is not really lore-friendly, maybe making it "Elite aspect warrior assault or Wraith knight squad" could be better. Agree, aspect warrior assault sounds much better to my ears as well Yeah, as I stated above, just use warp spiders, aspect that excels in jumping through w...
by orkimedes
08 April 2016, 13:02
Forum: Ideas & Suggestions
Topic: Favours
Replies: 8
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Re: Favours

The IN insubordination buff doesn't even work. So it only gives you a Cobra, after two minutes. By far the weakest favour in the game. Well it does.....kinda work? I it's by no means the immunity it boasts, but seems to be a significant reduction. I've had literally one insubordination on my navy f...
by orkimedes
06 April 2016, 18:01
Forum: Imperial Navy
Topic: Fleet Setup For 600p 700p All Rounder Imperial Navy ?
Replies: 28
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Re: Fleet Setup For 600p 700p All Rounder Imperial Navy ?

I currently run a Navy favour setup - which while sub-optimal is a lot of fun regardless. Swapping the navy favour on the light cruisers for ad.mech or astartes should probably make it a whole lot more competent, but I just really enjoy summoning 5-10 destroyers into a match. 700pts (exactly :D) 1x ...
by orkimedes
05 April 2016, 11:33
Forum: General Gameplay Discussion
Topic: Remove +50 Speed Upgrade
Replies: 87
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Re: Remove +50 Speed Upgrade

While I do not agree that the upgrade should be removed, I do think it is too powerful at the moment. I think a nerf is more appropriate than wholesale removal. To illustrate what my problem with it's current implementation is: an ork battleship or retribution imperial battleship with the speed upgr...

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